Math Journal

Every day we use math to tell time, dial a phone number, bake, decide what to wear based on the temperature, to use money, play or watch sports and the list goes on and on! To have an awareness and appreciation of the role math plays in your life, the following assignment has been created. It should be completed and returned on the first day of school. This is intended as an enjoyable exercise, one that you can share with your family.

The following worksheets are for journaling when and how you use math over the summer.  They are for 8 separate weeks over the summer.

Some ideas for your journal:

  • Baking or cooking together, following a recipe and measuring
  • Keeping track of statistics for a favorite player
  • Keeping track of statistics for a sport or activity in which you participate
  • Using measurement to buy mulch for the garden or determine the placement of furniture
  • Going shopping, finding percent off or unit pricing
  • Earning, saving or spending money
  • Determining how far you traveled for a trip or vacation (include cost of gas or tickets etc.)
  • Packing a suitcase

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you will have many that I never even considered.


Week 1 – This week we went on vacation to Maine to visit my cousins. It took us 6 hours and 17 minutes. It was 338 miles. We stopped for ice cream along the way. It cost $11.25, my brother got a double scoop so his cone was $ 3.75 and the other 3 cones cost $2.00. We filled up the car with gas twice during the trip. It cost $38.20 in Connecticut and $29.80 in Maine. I don’t know why they have the price of gas listed $2.25 9/10. The ride home felt longer than the ride there even though it was the same distance.

Your entries should be between five and seven sentences. Each entry should have a different math concept. (Do not have 8 entries about baseball statistics or shopping)

Please have fun with this.

Summer Math Journal 2017