Preparing Scholars and Leaders

  • Mrs. Tara Bellefleur, M.Ed., BCBA


  • Mrs. Anna Maria Battaglia

    8th grade homeroom, 6th, 7th and 8th grade math

  • Ms. Kim Bletzer

  • Ms. Terri Cain

    Social Media Specialist, Study Skills Grade 6

  • Mrs. Christine Corcoran

    Orchestra, choir, general music instruction

  • Ms. Madelyn Filomeno

    Math Lab, Coding

  • Ms. Catherine Feddor

    Geography 7, Social Studies 6, Religion 8, 7th Grade Homeroom

  • Mrs. Tricia Forster

    Administrative Assistant

  • Mrs. Ellen Fox


  • Ms. Katherine Katzman

    Spanish 6, 7 & 8

  • Ms. Danielle Locke

    7th grade homeroom, 6th & 7th Educational Technology, 7th Life Science, 7th Physical Education, 8th History

  • Mr. Ryan Martin

    Earth Science, Physical Science, Physical Education/Health, Intramurals and grade 6 homeroom

  • Ms. Deborah Morse

  • Mr. Gerry Noone

    Assistant Librarian

  • Ms. Brooke  O'Donnell

    Religion 6 & 7

  • Ms. Kathleen Staunton

    Guidance Counselor

  • Mrs. Kathleen Thomsen


  • Mrs. Jaclyn Evans

    8th grade homeroom, 6th, 7th, 8th Language Arts

  • Ms. Sharon McHale

    Business Manager

  • Mr. Angel Rodriguez


  • Ms. Susan Daly Hoffman

    Director of Development