Notes from the School Health Office

The Town of West Hartford provides the professional registered nursing services for this school through the West Hartford Non-Public School Health Program (CT Section 10-217a). The West Hartford Non-Public School Health Program is proud of our nursing services.  All schools are staffed full time by Connecticut Registered Nurses who have a broad background in a variety of clinical settings and public health. The majority have their Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and hold additional advanced degrees. The Town of West Hartford recognizes and supports our nurses in maintaining and continuing professional education, which enables us to provide exceptional care to students attending our schools. The nurse must follow the guidelines and mandates put forth by the State of Connecticut and the West Hartford Public Schools.  The following information summarizes some of the policies and services provided by the health program.  Click here for standing orders for over the counter medications and emergency medications.  Please keep this information for future reference.  For additional information, you may always contact the school nurse.

Physical Exams:  Physical exams are required for ALL new students entering school, and in the Kindergarten, 3rd, prior to 7th and 9th grade school years. All pre-school students are required to provide yearly physical forms.  Please send the completed Connecticut Health Assessment Record (HAR -blue or yellow form) to the school office before school begins in August or when the physical is completed during the school year.  Both Parts I and II of the Health Assessment Record must be filled out by both the healthcare provider AND parent/guardian, including the parent/guardian signature, or the form will not be accepted.

Immunization Requirements:   The State of Connecticut requires a complete immunization record for all students entering school and proof of adequate, age appropriate immunizations to be admitted in to school.  Please review your child’s immunization status and arrange for any necessary updates.  If you have any questions please call us or check with your healthcare provider to make sure your child is up to date on all required vaccines.   Your child may be refused school admittance if adequate records are not received before the school year begins.   State law requires that your child be excluded from school until the required immunizations are given.   The State of Connecticut has free or affordable health insurance for children. If you do not have access to health insurance for your children, please call 1-800-656-6684 for more information.

Medications:  Click here for the Medical Guidelines. Students receiving medication, including over the counter medications at school, MUST have a written order from an authorized prescriber licensed to practice in the United States.  State Law requires the medication order form to be signed by both the prescriber and parent/guardian giving permission for the medication to be administered.  The Medication Authorization Form is located below.  One exception, for students 12 years of age and up, Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen may be administered if parent/guardian sign and return the permission form titled Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen – Medication Standing Orders.  Each school year requires new medication orders.  

Emergency Medications:  Students are not to carry medications unless they have self-carry authorization for emergency medications approved by the physician, parent and school nurse.  (CT State Regulations 10-212a-1). This includes epinephrine auto-injectors for anaphylaxis, and asthmatic inhalers. If approved for self-carry, the student must be responsible to have their medication with them at all times including field trips. If not approved for self-carry, please contact the school nurse to discuss arrangements should emergency medications be needed before and after school hours or during extracurricular activities.

Emergency Information Forms: At the beginning of each school year the emergency information sheet must be completed and signed by parent/guardian. Please return completed form to the school as quickly as possible. This form provides essential emergency health and contact information and gives consent for the school nurse to provide both routine and emergency health care to the student. Please contact the school nurse for any changes in information during the school year

Illness or medical absences: Please click here for Exclusion Guidelines. Parents/guardians will be notified when necessary to exclude a student from school due to illness or injury. The student must be picked up by parent or authorized person as soon as possible or within an hour of notification. Any student returning to school with a medical or psychiatric condition requiring academic, attendance, or functional accommodations such as orthopaedic appliances MUST have a medical note from a physician clearing the student to return to school and indicate any accommodations required.  Medical clearance must be received before a student can return to PE or participate in any sport activity.  Regarding mental health events, a student returning to school with a diagnosis must submit a discharge summary with a plan for safe return to full academic activities.

State Mandated Screenings:  Vision screening for distance visual acuity and hearing screenings will be conducted annually as mandated in grades kindergarten through 5th grade, except 2nd grade.   Postural screening will be conducted for female students in grade 5 and 7 and male students in grade 8.  For any screening results found outside the norm, parents will be notified by referral letter to see their physician for additional evaluation.  Referral forms should be returned to the school nurse once completed.

Food Allergies:  Food allergies can be life-threatening.  Strict avoidance of the particular allergen is crucial in preventing anaphylaxis.  If your child has a food allergy please communicate that information to the school nurse.  It is imperative that teachers are aware of the student’s allergy to ensure the student can participate in all classroom activities.  If you have any concerns please contact your school nurse.


Your school nurse is someone to get to know! They are essential to help assist your student with any health problem and should be seen as a friend and advocate.  Please know confidentiality is a professional responsibility that is strictly enforced.  If you have any questions or concerns please call or stop by to see the nurse in your school.

Lori Flaherty, RN, BSN

Hilary Sherrill RN, BSN

Click on the forms below to download and print:

Student Emergency Form 18-19

Medication Authorization Form

State Health Assessment Record Form

Signed Anaphylaxis

12 and up Standing order Form

Signed Narcan orders

Signed Formulary 18-19 One page


If you have any questions, please contact the STMS Health office at 860-236-0615.

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